In God We Trust

Enza La Giusa


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50cm x 50cm


If man wanted, there would be peace. Starting from this assumption and for the same reason, if man wanted an end to poverty, he would be there. A landscape, a poor child sitting on a tank and a large coin with the inscription "IN GOD WE TRUST" coexist in the same space without interacting with each other. In fact, the divine light hits the coin but not the child. The name of God placed on the most venal object: money. Religion and money, spiritual and material power coexist despite being in strong contrast with each other. The paradox of having God's writing on a coin strikes as much as the happiness of the poor child. Theses and antitheses coexist in the same space: a desolate landscape, whose peculiarity is that of making us all participants in the same destiny.