Know Yourself

Eliza de Geus


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70cm x 90cm




Without frame


Oil on canvas


‘Know thyself’ The painting is inspired by Socrates’ quote, ‘Know thyself’ (Know Yourself). We find this assertion also in the oracle of Delphi. Without knowledge or awareness of self and our destiny, there is no direction or starting point. Without knowledge of Self, you’ll stay in the Dark regarding your Path, your Mission, and your Truth. As Socrates said, ‘an unexamined life is not worth living.’ Socrates believed that this knowledge is already within us. Knowledge is inherent in man, not outside. We just need to remember it. We can achieve this knowledge through the Socratic method; a dialogue between the Soul and the self, or between a student and his teacher. The answer to how to live a good life, Socrates believed, is hidden within you as an individual. By questioning your beliefs, values, expectations, assumptions, and perceptions you will develop an awareness of who you are as a person and with greater awareness comes a greater ability to question why you think the way you do. Ultimately it allows you to find out what you believe, and why you believe it, and then you can decide whether it is valid or misleading. It is your responsibility to care for your soul.