Last King of Scotland!

Benjamin Nyari


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60cm x 80cm




Without Frame


Acrylic paint and oil charcoal on canvas


"The Last King of Scotland" is a stunning portrait that was created spontaneously, without preconception or planning, relying solely on the artist's instinct and experience. The painting exudes a vibrant energy and movement, as if the bold colors themselves are dancing and swirling in a joyous celebration of life. The artist has expertly blended and layered the colors, resulting in a striking sense of depth and dimensionality that captivates the viewer. The subject of the portrait is the legendary and charismatic leader of Uganda, known as the "Last King of Scotland". The artist has masterfully captured the king's regal presence and enigmatic nature, imbuing the portrait with a sense of mystery and power. Overall, "The Last King of Scotland" is an exceptional work of art that inspires awe and fascination in anyone who beholds it. Its striking imagery and expert execution make it a memorable and impactful addition to any art collection.