Le Bonheur Était Si Proche, Ou Portraiture Psychedelic!- Portrait in Modern Art

Igor Bajenov


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60cm x 80cm






Photo Painting Portrait in Modern Art-Figurative Mix in Special Technique/Photo/Paint/Drawing/Vector on Fine Photopaper -Abstract/Expressionism-Limited Edition 1/10 - Signature CERTIFY of ARTWORKS Authentication, immutability, immortality, inheritance, sharing, global validity thanks to blockchain. ArtID | A new generation of works of art: At a time when art can only be born in digital format, it is natural to think that every work of art must have its own digital certificate. It is the hour of birth of a new generation of works of art that can be used across borders around the world. Maximum sharing without the possibility of manipulation. Working with digital certificates brings the ArtID marketplace to life, which simplifies exchanges by making it more secure and integrating payment and logistics systems. A global marketplace that eliminates the common difficulties associated with further authentication and expertise, money moving between countries, packaging, transportation and insurance. Thanks to ArtID, the art galleries promote their artists, award their works a digital certificate and thus overcome the uncertainties regarding authenticity, origin and a lack of transparency. With the ArtID innovation, more and more people are getting closer to art: A new generation of collectors is born. The gallery not only has a new world stage, but also the opportunity to get to know new artists from all over the world and to identify new relationships and opportunities.
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