Silva Marina Nironi


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50cm x 70cm


Acrylic on canvas, Collage


CITYSCAPES SERIES Montmartre - Collage and mixed media on oval canvas signed on front and back, ready to hang. Shipped by the artist with safe delivery. Collage with my photos and images of the magical Montmartre and with pictorial interventions. Montmartre with its charming and bustling Place du Tertre, the beautiful Sacre Coeur Cathedral and the magnificent history of the most fascinating district of Paris. In this collage of mine there are fragments of his mythical bohemian period during the Belle Epoque, with excerpts of photos and old postcards of the Butte and images of famous artists who lived there such as Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec and others and also some photos of objects belonging to the famous model and painter Suzanne Valadon that I shot during a visit to her small, but unforgettable atelier.
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