Kateryna Bortsova


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55cm x 85cm




Without frame


Collage, Oil on canvas


So every epoch has its own attributes. And they do not necessarily have large scale such as global political changes, wars, etc. Sometimes attributes of age hiding in the small details, in things which we use every day, and do not give much importance to them. Things, that belong to people of different segments of our time, nationalities, cultures, that reflects traits of their owner character, are represented in my project. The images on the works of the «Paraphernalia» project were created on a background that consisted of utilitarian objects that we use every day – the elements of mass culture. This is a page from a book or magazine, cards, CD, playing cards, subway tickets, etc. The main conception of my project is a reflection of difference and unity, cosmopolitism, the eclecticism of our epoch and its heroes. Because things, as well as people, became heroes of our time, in them, we find a reflection of our reality and ourselves.
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