Panta Rhei

Eliza de Geus


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90cm x 70cm




Without frame


Oil on canvas


Panta Rhei is inspired by the famous phrase by Heraclitus: Panta Rhei – all things are flowing. The Universe is moving and changing, but we are changing with it, said Heraclitus. “No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it is not the same river – and it is not the same man Is there a moving force behind the flow of this cosmic river? Heraclitus talks about the term Logos in the sense of cosmic law, the logos was both transcendent and immanent. Fire, chosen by Heraclitus as his fundamental principle fits perfectly with his idea of transformation in the Universe. Fire could be both destructive and transformative, menacing and beautiful. The fire was not only to be observed as a material element but the soul was also a form of fire that comprised the life essence of the person it animated. We are continually being purified and transformed by the soul – fire within and the refining fires without. We are broken by life crises, yet built up and renewed. Another quote of Heraclitus in conclusion to Panta Rhei is that change is the only constant in life. No one knows what the future holds and the more we want to control things the more we will suffer is what Heraclitus believed. Therefore, we need trust. If we learn to trust, whether this is Logos, the Wise, God, or our Higher Self, the need to control will be unnecessary.