Parents Perspective

Yassine Oumghar


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59.4cm x 84.1cm




metal backlit snap frame


Lenticular Printing


(PHYGITAL) A2 lenticular print LIMITED TO 10 EDITIONS (with backlight) With this piece I wanted to use the baby as a metaphor for purity and the items as a symbol for the baggage in life and upbringing. When a human being is born it is in its purest state of being. Once it starts growing up it builds a personality and character but also gains the ability to form judgment which can bring prejudice. The piece changes depending on the angle you look at it which is a metaphor for the perspective of the parent. The items then can be seen as what you like and don’t like of what your child picks up in life outside your upbringing. But the items can also be seen as what you want to give the child to protect it from its environment. My art piece expresses these topics and also serves as a mirror for self reflection on these topics.