Krisztina Czika


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110cm x 70cm




Without frame


Bluetooth Speaker made of recycled paper


We live in a world where most of us take natural resources — including wood and paper — completely for granted. We rarely consider where objects made from these materials come from, nor what happens once we’ve used them up. Although recycling and upcycling initiatives are constantly being innovated around other materials, we are unimaginative when it comes to furniture or paper waste. Paper is usually turned back into paper; furniture is usually dumped in the ground or burned. To this end, PERSOWO — a collaborative work by Arthur Maduro, Konstantin Guz, and Krisztina Czika — is trying something new. As part of her own experimentation, Czika discovered that when the pulped paper was allowed to dry, pockets of air would form in the structure. These, she realized, could form the basis for some kind of an amplifier. Guz, meanwhile, transformed the sonic life of the waste materials — sounds of chainsaws cutting, or hands ripping paper gently and recycling — into soundscapes to listen to. With a physical soundscape of eleven separate sound installations made entirely from waste wood and paper, PERSOWO seeks to create a completely new life for locally sourced fresh wood and paper waste materials, highlighting their hidden properties and in the process, allowing these materials to speak for themselves. Quite literally. PERSOWO insists we have a responsibility to educate ourselves about the journey of so many of our everyday objects from mass deforestation to our living room. The resulting artwork is a beautiful, sonically enhanced sound chamber; an amplified paper landscape that sings the song of the trees that gave it life. Its ultimate goal, however, is to offer an audiovisual experience that raises awareness of our material world, heightens the consciousness of our part in its demise, and refuses to take our dwindling natural resources for granted.
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