Vladimir Hristov


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200cm x 145cm




Without frame


Acrylic on canvas


Weirdly this image brings me an emotional, but unreal memory from my childhood, as if I was sitting in the back seat in my father’s car approaching the airport, looking through the window seeing brutalist construction fencing the endless sky off from us. Nevertheless, this must be a false memory since this image was meant to be a projection of the skyline from the near future when technological singularity with AI is providing humanity with a solution to survive the energy and climate issues. What does the future hold for humanity? Did we learn anything during the covid 19 crisis? How will climate change unfold? What does that mean for social development? Are we going to redesign our lives and habitats into units, where our existence will be enclosed into an endless pattern of cells that together will emerge the final and functional body of humanity? Although this is preferable positioning, this painting can be seen from all 4 sides, providing another experience.