Spray Dye

Dmytro Trach


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70cm x 70cm




Acrylic on canvas


Spray Dye is the painting from the series of still life paintings Café Moderna directed to cherish visual aesthetic of modern dining culture. The Café Moderna works show how classical still art scenarios could be interpreted in modern society’s approach of seeing and feeling food nowadays. The following painting depicts a plate of bright donuts on a light wooden background. The spectator could see that one of the donuts is already bitten, however, is not presented with any other circumstances of the plot. The donuts are depicted from a high up angle. This choice was made to emphasize the popular modern way of perceiving the first impression of your dish: high up from the angle of a phone camera. The white splashes of color sticking to the wooden background are used to add on originality of the painting but also show that circumstances under which people consume food in the 21st century have changed. What has been known as consumerism has slowly evolved into the popular trend of “slow food” while funky food colors remain popular among many people.