Mulinde Edward


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168cm x 138cm


The drums in the composition echo out different realities, concepts, ideas and deceptions concerning lifetime. All over the globe politics, culture, individual beliefs based on influences, religion, and science are the main drums being played but a lot of minds do not recognize the effect of their sounds. Perhaps I can say that these sound waves have positively or negatively affected our lifetime. In my scoped area of interest, it seems a lot of double minds are being influenced by the science and cultural drum waves where by both drums have been applied at the same duration and this has created a mirage in lifetime. My mind is full of wonders similar to yours for example; "is the world moving to a spiritual dimension, are we already in the mess, what is the most common played drum and by who?". If we are all having questions who will answer who?. This seems so easy or difficult to answer immediately since these drum waves are not only where I live but also in the whole world and so I leave you to choose.
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