Eliza de Geus


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70cm x 90cm




Without frame


Oil on canvas


This painting is inspired by Plato’s theory of the supernatural. Plato greatly elaborated on the dualism between the natural and the supra-natural and the body and the soul. Plato’s philosophy asserts that there are two realms: the physical realm and the spiritual realm, “the world of Forms”. The physical realm, the material world we see, is only a shadow, or image of the true reality of the realm of Forms. The forms according to Plato are abstract, perfect unchanging concepts or ideals that transcend time and space. The soul according to Plato exists of three Hierarchical faculties: reason, spirit, and desire. It is a virtue to live in harmony with one’s soul and this enables the soul to work more effectively. Reason can govern spirit and desire and the soul can obtain knowledge from the world of the Forms. If we can accept who we are and accept our soul’s mission, we get out of its way, and our higher self or soul) will lead( through) us on our divine path.