Test print “The Lovers”

Krisztina Czika


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20cm x 30cm




Without frame


Photo printed on concrete


The Lovers is a Stone Carving in Isurumuniya, Sri Lanka The Isurumuniya Viharaya is situated close to Tisa Wewa in Anuradapuraya, Sri Lanka. There is a Viharaya connected to a cave and above is a cliff. A small stupa is built on it. Isurumuniya is famous for its stone carvings, and the one is known as “Isurumuniya Lovers” is the most-admired and world-famous. The Isurumuniya Viharaya was constructed during the regime of Devanampiya Tissa who governed the ancient capital Anuradhapura. The temple was built as a monastic complex to house newly orientated monks. Connected to the Temple is a cave with a cliff above it. Some believe Isurumuni lovers are a symbol of Hindu gods Shiva and Parvati. But according to Dr. Paranawithana, it is believed that it’s a depiction of Prince Saliya, son of King Dutugemunu and Asokamala, a poor lass whom the prince favored over the throne. The photo of this test print was found in Sri Lanka. The Photographer is unknown. The photo then was printed onto a concrete surface by the artist to preserve this historical picture and content.
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