The battle cat of Ukraine

Oksana Kulish


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42cm x 54cm




fiberboard (thickness 1 cm), levkas, tempera, acrylic


The restless shape of the oval is especially emphasized by the variable font along the arc, which contains the title of the work in Ukrainian and English "Бойовий кіт України 2022", "The battle cat of Ukraine 2022". The depicted title is perceived as upside down, because the life of the entire Ukrainian society was turned upside down by the sudden and merciless attack of the Russians on the winter dawn of February 24, 2022. A cat's face with a snarl dominates here, the animal's posture is formidable with a curved back and tail, and the body is turned to the side. The method of superimposing several elements of the figure of a cat (paws, trunk) formed small planes of blue color. In this way, I made an analogy with the blue tactical combat armbands of the Ukrainian military. A stylized cat is placed in the foreground. In the background is an anti-tank hedgehog on the "ground" and a bаyraktar in the "sky". In a militarized society, the archetype of the hero-warrior together with the archetype of the weapon acquires special relevance. That's why I decided to depict here the Bayraktar (TV 2 model), which is available in the combat application of the Ukrainian army. Even at the beginning of the creation of this composition, the question arose, how to better name it "Ukrainian battle cat" or "The battle cat of Ukraine"? I found the answer when I thought about the difference in the perception of the meaning of these two-word combinations. Because "Ukrainian battle cat" means that the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are only Ukrainians. Instead, "The battle cat of Ukraine" means that fighters from other countries have joined the International Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are fighting together to defeat Russian fascism.