The Entrails. Polyptych.

Irina Moiseyeva


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94cm x 94cm




Without Frame


Sculptures on cardboard


4 parts of 47*47*10cm size
Made from up cycled materials (cardboard, paper, plastic, textile,found objects, magazines, wire, natural dry plants). The sculptural part of the piece is done in exclusive technique.
Entrails" is a profound and emotionally charged artwork created in the form of a polyptych, utilizing collage and assemblage techniques. Inspired by personal experiences and events following the onset of the war, this piece reveals the full spectrum of inner suffering and joy, capturing the contrasting states of wartime.
Each panel of the polyptych represents a distinct fragment, conveying a complex range of emotions through a variety of materials and textures. The assemblage adds a tactile three-dimensionality, allowing the viewer to sense the layered depth of the lived experience.
"Entrails" explores the duality of the human spirit in times of conflict, where despair and hope, fear and courage, destruction and rebirth coexist on a single canvas. This work invites the viewer not only to visually perceive the story but also to emotionally resonate with its multifaceted intensity.
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