Victory 2022 UA

Oksana Kulish


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40cm x 40cm




fiberboard (thickness 5 mm), tempera, acrylic


The cat of Ukraine defeated the evil black snake - the collective Putin of Russia because he caught and gnawed the snake's throat. The dominant part of the work is the head of a cat, which holds in its teeth a subordinate element - a snake with the inscription "Putin" on its head, on the tip of the snake's tail there is a sign of atomic weapons because the Russian dictator threatens the whole world with atomic weapons. The dynamics of the curves of the lines of the snake's body and its length indicate an allegory with the collective Putin of Russia. The composition "Victory 2022 UA" is decided according to the heraldic principle. There is a conditional axis of symmetry, on which is placed a crown with the coat of arms of Ukraine (trident), semicircles (yellow and blue) and the integral figure of a cat, which with its clawed paws with blue tactical combat bandages (as on the sleeves of the Ukrainian military) firmly pressed the snake — a dynamic asymmetric element. The color gamut refers to shades of the main chromatic colors — yellow, blue, and red. Where yellow and blue are dominant, and red is subordinate here. Black and white are an obligatory tonal achromatic contrast that unites all the elements of the image on the figures of a cat and a snake. The imagery of the composition "Victory 2022 UA" is the author's response to the aesthetic task — to show the archetypal motif of snake wrestling as Ukraine's victory in the war against Russia, which attacked peaceful Ukrainian society on February 24, 2022, and to confirm the crushing defeat of Putin's government by artistic means.