What A Waste

Db Waterman


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125cm x 95cm


Acrylic on canvas, Collage


Signed on the back and the side. Technique: Collage and Acrylic on canvas, textured. Theme: Textured / Pollution / Urban / Modern / Collage. Colors: Black, Grey, White, Red, Pink, Aqua, Yellow, Green, Blue, Sienna. Color quality: Amsterdam colors, high luminosity, without fading, non-toxic. Signed certificate of authenticity A boy walks through an endless mountain of plastic waste. What a waste .... Plastic pollution can afflict land, waterways and oceans. It is estimated that 1.1 to 8.8 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the ocean from coastal communities each year. Living organisms, particularly marine animals, can be harmed either by mechanical effects, such as entanglement in plastic objects, problems related to ingestion of plastic waste or through exposure to chemicals within plastics that interfere with their physiology. Effects on humans include disruption of various hormonal mechanisms.