Yellow Books

Lisa de Hoogh


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80cm x 50cm




Without frame


Acrylic on canvas


The painting "Yellow Books" indicates a newly begun chapter and consists of two paintings measuring 50 x 40 cm. A chapter, full of joy and enthusiasm. Yellow will bring optimism, wisdom, and intellect. It will support my will, concentration, logic, and help with memory. Yellow is the element of fire, ego, and your identity. Yellow is the color of our third chakra which symbolizes our solar plexus. Also, yellow represents the mind and communication. In the days when magic was still performed, people used the color yellow to make positive changes. In the magic world, the color still stands for wisdom, protection, learning, travel, self-confidence, study, communication, and so on the mind. It is also the spiritual color of Buddhism. What does the color yellow stand for in the Bible? The trial of faith will be more precious than gold and will be tried with fire. Here's the meaning: yellow is associated with fire, which in turn has always been associated with the purification process. A whole book of work where the color yellow stands for and there is much more than the color yellow wants and can tell us. But that's for another time.