26 July 2021

by st-Art

Business Art Workshop: Paint as Monet

July’s workshop at Soho House was all about the beauty and freedom of the Impressionists. An art movement during the 1800s, The inspiration, French artist Claude Monet. Famous for his paintings of waterlilies and soft landscapes.

Business Art Workshop with the Soho House members

Carlo Tozzi starts with a brief historical presentation on Impressionism, its ability to capture light, and the use of colors. We set up the materials, prepared drinks, and all Soho House members are eager to start painting. 

Carlo & Karis begin to explain the techniques used by the artist to create a fast-paced work of art, and It’s vibrant and effective. We aim for the Soho House members to paint like the Monet using a picture of the Idyllic Italian Countryside as a reference.

Carlo Tozzi, business art workshop, at the Soho House Amsterdam.

At first, some of them hesitate to start painting, while others dive in immediately! They asked a lot of questions, while The Curators support everyone. 

St-Art teaching skills break down Art in ways everyone can understand. We make it easy for people to understand the historical and cultural points of view. We achieve this by using simple, understandable language with an open, casual dialogue.

One of St-Art’s Co-Curators and Artist, Karis, explains, “During our group workshops, we share the same inspiration, same photograph, give the same colors, brushes, everything is applied to all, but every painting will be different. 

People relax. They get in tune with themselves. They let go of any stress. That is also when their Personalities come through the paintings. It’s great seeing the results! They are always the most surprised by what they have achieved!

Business art workshop members of Soho House Amsterdam drinking and painting.

The workshops are fun, easy, and quite addictive. Soho House, Amsterdam, has requested another workshop on August 10th as all 20 participants want to come back and do more.

It’s a proud moment when they are excited to take home their work of art. That is what

St-Art is about helping others, teaching, and inspire through the love of Art.


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