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African Art

It would not be an exaggeration to label as “pretentious” the attempt to write all that is African art in a single article, especially if we understand that Africa is an immense continent, whose extension is three times that of Europe. There are more than 1,300 languages and more than 5,000 indigenous groups spread over 10 ethnic groups and 90 countries. Each of these has its peculiarities and its authentic way of expressing itself in art. That is why, in this space, where we respect and admire artistic diversity, we will make it clear that the present is an approach to some generalities of visual art from Africa. With this, we hope to motivate the avid reader and genuine art lover to continue delving into African Art. The encomienda becomes even more cumbersome because, under Western methodology and theory, which is ultimately the hegemonic, African art has been less explored than that of other regions. Explaining this phenomenon under Eurocentric thought and its concept of “fine arts” has led many writings to limit themselves to talking only about some elements. These elements are the popular masks, figurative sculptures, and the colors and shades that repeatedly appear in African art. We […]

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A year in review: Art in the Time of Covid-19

In a way, it is impossible to deny that for some time, art had always been a somewhat underrated medium: science, politics, and other matters seemed to be more relevant. Fortunately, times have changed a lot since then. Also, there is a before and after of art in the time of Covid-19. The pandemic showed us the importance of art on health, economic, social, and politics. People discussed the possibility of the government using COVID-19 as a weapon to control and manage the population. For this reason, we now hear words like “art will save us all,” alluding to the rebelliousness of artists who are not silent about it. Always defiant to tragedies of all kinds, like the Spaniards with flamenco when they defied Francoism; art in the time of Covid-19 has its way of transcending into history. Noted; most people who commented are not artists. Today, more than ever, art became a medium more respected, sought after, and consumed by the masses. Many have even decided to dabble in art as a means of unburdening themselves amid the COVID-19 quarantine. Mural by Austin Zucchini-Fowler Art reflects the concerns and worries of a generation and those of the personal and […]

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Digital Art: from concept to reality

Is digital art really a threat to the supremacy of the traditional Institution of Art? This is a question that emerges in front of the vertiginous growth of the universe of Digital Art in the last fifty years. Some “nuances of fear” may arise in front of the feat that means that being such a novel language, it is breaking in such a scandalous way the standards that conventional art took centuries to achieve. Our modernity is a maelstrom, yes, and art is not on the fringes of this. If we want to understand the rise of digital art, we will have to dig into the solutions that modern human beings have been giving to their infinite creativity and ambition, which exceeds a tangible world, increasingly finite. Technological development has meant the ideal tool for the expansion of humanity in its most diverse forms. Consequently, art as an indigenous expression of human beings has found a considerable variety of lines of work in the digital space. Not without its discrepancies, like everything that questions and destabilizes pre-established models, digital art has undoubtedly added value and has become a fundamental element in the knowledge economy. We will try to explain the […]

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Cubism is the innovative artistic movement that emerged in France in the 20th century, between 1907 and 1908. Its creators were the famous Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. It includes the visual arts, design and literature. The year 1907 is taken as the starting date with Picasso’s painting Demoiselles d’Avignon (The Young Ladies of Avignon). It was an extremely novel style of art for its time It seemed that the masses were not yet ready to leave behind the admiration for the trends of the Impressionist movement to which many artists remained attached, while Picasso and Braque were working hard to develop their philosophy through Cubism. Those works were at first confusing. The identifying mark of this artistic trend is the use of geometric figures, breaking with the scheme of aesthetic models that preferred perfection in figures and forms. It is an essential trend from which the rest of the European avant-garde movements of the 20th century emerged. It is the definitive separation from traditional painting. Girl with a Mandolin 1910, by Pablo Picasso, source Wikipedia Still, Both Picasso and Braque decided to ignore the opinions of their many detractors, resulting in subsequent art movements that took many aspects of […]

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Art Activism

In the ever changing social and political landscape, art remains the constant. Art has always been a way of responding to one’s surroundings, which has often led to societal critique and commentary. This is because ultimately, art reflects life. We all know someone who says “I’m not political,” it’s a phrase one hears often, but it’s a rare truth. There are very few people who do not express themselves through some form of creativity. We all have at least once tried our hands in the kitchen, gone out dancing on the weekends (pre-corona of course), posted a photograph on social media, hummed a tune on our way to work, or even written a love letter. While most of us associate politics with law, government officials and even celebrity status, what we don’t realise is that the creativity we already express is a form of political speech. Infact, one might argue that each and every one of us is actively shaping the political landscape and we just don’t realise it.  The artist has a very special role in the political realm of society. Art’s ability to appear in unexpected situations is a benefit in societies where protest is commonplace. The Center […]

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