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How To Start Collecting Art: A Beginners Guide

There are plenty of reasons why people decide to start collecting art. Individuals may go from the desire of managing a precious piece of history to a way of merely supporting the arts.

Art Lifestyle

Tips For a Proper Artwork Submission

Submitting your artwork in the right way it’s essential for receiving good feedbacks and results. An artist’s statement and a proposal will give the organization or platform you are talking to a professional image of who you are. It’s implied how the grammar and spelling should be impeccable, but the true big fish to capture is the buyer’s attention.

Art Lifestyle

The Importance of Having a Professional Portfolio

It might seem redundant to you, but having a professional portfolio is the best way for people or clients to remember your art. It may be even more critical than a stand-out CV! It is the best document for your skills. But how to create a good one? And what to include in it?


Milan City Guide

This month, we visited Milan as we hosted an exhibition at RIDE MILANO - an event space in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of the city, known as the Navigli area.


st-Art Welcomed Artists On Its Latest Art Workshop

st-Art support artists from marketing to mentorship and provide them with a curated environment in which they can thrive, exhibit and sell their work by asking them nothing but to do what they love: MAKE ART.

Art Lifestyle

The Basics of Watercolor Painting You Should Know

Watercolor is one of the oldest forms of painting methods, used for centuries and many cultures around the world.