9 March 2022

by Carlo Tozzi

Exhibition “From Chrysalis to Rebel”

We are excited to announce our partnership with ALTERA DOMUS in Noto (Sicily) for this exhibition and for future projects.

From 19 March to 25 April 2022, the Galleria Palazzo Nicolaci in Noto hosts “From Crisalide a Ribelle” an all-female exhibition curated by Paoletta Ruffino, curator and president of the cultural association Altera Domus and Carlo Tozzi, St-Art Amsterdam fonder and art director.

The exhibition, sponsored by the Municipality of Noto, sees the participation of 20 Italian and 2 Iranian artists. The proposed extremely talented artists are:

Elisa Anfuso, Silvia Berton, Erica Campanella, Ilaria Caputo, Alessandra Carloni, Anna Caruso, Antonella Cinelli, Giulia D’Anna Lupo, Elisa Filomena, Maria Gagliardi, Debora Garritani, Jara Marzulli, Cali la Rebelle, Angela Regina, Alessandra Rovelli, Grazia Salierno, Roberta Serenari, Milena Sgambato, Tina Sgrò, Ladan Tofighi, Samantha Torrisi, Nooshin Zokaie.

As the title expresses very clearly, the exhibition introduces the viewer to the mystery of human metamorphosis and rebirth, through the metaphor of the chrysalis that transforms from a larva into a butterfly. So the freedom of expression in art as a choice of life is seen as a butterfly finally free to fly and to express its beauty.

The creative force, which emerges from the 80 works on display, including paintings, photographs, drawings and watercolors, imposes itself on the darkness of our time, marked by wars and pandemics.


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