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Digital Art: from concept to reality

Is digital art really a threat to the supremacy of the traditional Institution of Art? This is a question that emerges in front of the vertiginous growth of the universe of Digital Art in the last fifty years. Some “nuances of fear” may arise in front of the feat that means that being such a novel language, it is breaking in such a scandalous way the standards that conventional art took centuries to achieve. Our modernity is a maelstrom, yes, and art is not on the fringes of this. If we want to understand the rise of digital art, we will have to dig into the solutions that modern human beings have been giving to their infinite creativity and ambition, which exceeds a tangible world, increasingly finite. Technological development has meant the ideal tool for the expansion of humanity in its most diverse forms. Consequently, art as an indigenous expression of human beings has found a considerable variety of lines of work in the digital space. Not without its discrepancies, like everything that questions and destabilizes pre-established models, digital art has undoubtedly added value and has become a fundamental element in the knowledge economy. We will try to explain the […]

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