Art Interviews

Noah Latif Lamp through time

Today there is such a variety of different artists in the visual art scenery, so many diverse personalities with their own complexity, all bringing different attributes and expression to the art world. The ones I love the most are those who above all designate knowledge and experimentation as the main guideline for their artistic development. […]


Shahina Jaffer Interview

Shahina Jaffer is not only a fine and developed artist, but an intellectual and active person towards the social and cultural scene. She considers art sort of a universal language and she has the courage and audacity to transfer that in her style. The result is  an extremely pathological and emotional style, abstract and subjective, […]


The art with no barriers and no conditions of Luna de Jesus Licea

‘Luna de Jesus Licea is not only an extremely talented artist, but a very interesting and articulated personality. He reminds me so much of the artists from the 80s and their approach to art with no barriers and no conditions. Luna considers art his safe place from reality and his possibility to express himself in […]


Artistic path of Victor Bayonas: Between Bodies and Fate

Victor Bayonas was born in 1999 in Lorca (Murcia). His artistic talent started rising through the study of violin and music at the age of seven.

Art News

Carlo Tozzi’s Interview: ‘The art market and emerging artists: challenges and opportunities’ Report by Deloitte

Carlo Tozzi, the founder of st-Art, is discussing the challenges and opportunities of the art market and emerging artists in Deloitte's Report.


Eric Don: Living The Art Piece

Hue&Eye together with st-Art Amsterdam recently had a fascinating interview with painter and sculptor artist Eric Don.He told us about his life and artistic practice and guided us through an exclusive tour around his studio space in KNSM Eiland, Amsterdam.


The Visual Investigation of Oriele Steiner

This week we had an exciting chat with Oriele Steiner (b. 1993), a young British painter currently living and working in Brighton.


The ‘Human’ Focus of Yica Djuric

Yica Djuric grew up in a country that suffered several changes throughout the years, once called after Yugoslavia, a place renowned for its mixture of cultures and religions. For this reason, Yica considers herself an artist of the world, not belonging to a specific territorial area.


The Ancient and Modern Fusion of Elizaveta Berezina

Elizaveta Berezina was born in St. Petersburg in Russia, a city rich in classicism with European influences.


st-Art featured
in Deloitte Report

Art has the power to move people. It can inspire us, inciting new questions, provoking curiosity and excitement and even triggers us to take action. But the reality is the art market is tough to break into.


The Switching and Scraping Techniques
by Iacopo Maria Fiorani

Iacopo Maria Fiorani (b.1975) is an Italian artist currently living in Rome. He loves the sea, has a passion for fishing and lived a few years in Greece (Athens, 2003-2005), a country which he considers to be one of the places he might one day call home.


Tamara Stankovic and the Art of Breaking Boundaries

Tamara Stankovic began breaking boundaries since she was at school. Born in 1994 in Belgrade, Serbia, Stankovic genuinely highlights her roots in a country that, as a child, she had to experience the suffering and battles to achieve its identity.

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