1 August 2020

by st-Art

The ‘Human’ Focus of Yica Djuric

Yica Djuric grew up in a country that suffered several changes throughout the years, once called after Yugoslavia, a place renowned for its mixture of cultures and religions. For this reason, Yica considers herself an artist of the world, not belonging to a specific territorial area.

Yica has a personality keen on listening and feels very attracted to human beings and their behaviors. Such a thing led her to express this interest in art. She though discovered her artistic temper together with her awareness, indeed after long years of experimentations with drawings and filling several notebooks with sketches. Yica is an experimental artist, one of those who won’t set boundaries between her intuitions and techniques.

About Yica’s Art

Her approach to making art starts with her natural flowing of inspirations and feelings, to then extract an expression of herself through the artwork. She doesn’t define her technique as one, as she will find herself also sculpting, photographing, or making collages, but painting is instead where she feels fitting best. She chooses her artistic tool depending on the circumstances of the moment in which she finds herself in the creative process.

One of her favorite approaches to art then is art collaborations. As mentioned above, as Yica believes in human interactions and has a deep interest in human beings, her main artistic challenge is helping artists to wake themself up by finding their creative language.

Cubism, Modernism, Surrealism, and Dadaism are all art movements that could have affected her works, although some art critiques already defined her style as Yicism, meaning she fits into an art movement of her own.

As she gets deep inspiration for her artworks by the people she interacts with, this method of extrapolating unique stories by listening to people has become quite an important feature when describing her art.

To mention an inspiring episode, just last week Yica held an event for people who have a rare disease called Leukodystrophy. The collaboration aimed to make these people join her in creating a unique piece of art where everybody could participate and express themselves through drawing, writing, or painting by representing all those iconic symbols that meant for each one of them love and creativity.

In the future, Yica wants to be where she is now, continuing to do what she loves, surrounded by all kinds of people willing to share their stories and create artworks filled with personal experiences, talent, and love.

This article was originally published on Hue & Eye.

Check available artworks of Yica Djuric.


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