23 February 2020

by st-Art

The Intimate 3D Art of Giuseppe Perna

This article was originally published on Hue & Eye.

About Giuseppe Perna

Giuseppe Perna was born and raised in Naples (b.1987), although for as long as he can remember he also spent part of the year in Greece, which he considers to be his second home. His thoughts are fast, his attitude curious and gentle, all peculiarities of a sensitive and creative mindset. Since his childhood, Giuseppe has indeed always felt attracted to art and music of any form. His father is an archeologist, and this is what he also decided to study as an initial academic path. Giuseppe accomplished a degree in Classical Studies and Archeology, and after having studied and worked into that field for some time, he then turned his interests to a diploma at the ILAS (Istituto Superiore di Comunicazione, Naples) in 3D Graphics.

As already mentioned, Giuseppe is equipped with a good amount of curiosity and for this, he felt the urge of exploring the human being from an alternative perspective. This need led him to start working with 3D and digital techniques, which consequently brought him to build his current career, five years ago.

Today Giuseppe Perna is an emerging 3D Graphic artist who loves playing with lights and colors to create artworks with a warm atmosphere, mostly interior design or portraits. He’s also a 3D printing enthusiast, a technique he finds very rewarding.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the notion of creating something from scratch, but representing feelings through images is what drives me to make art, most of the time.”, he states when asked what drives him to create art. He has always been inspired by the Dutch neoplasticism, better known as De Stijl, particularly of Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld. Other artists who influence his work are Johannes Vermeer, Amedeo Modigliani, El Lissitzky and the neo-futuristic concept artist Syd Mead, widely known for his designs of science-fiction movies such as Blade Runner.

About His Work

His work is an attempt to recreate intimate environments, he explains, bringing classical art together with a 3D cartoon taste. To Giuseppe, this is a balance between traditional and innovative, a humoristic touch within a conventional mood. As he also studied new methods of conceiving the museum space and experience, he feels the need to bring these innovative discoveries onto his canvas. For this, the ambiance he depicts is always cozy and realistic, a synthesis to communicate emotions with strong frankness. Before starting a new project, Giuseppe reveals he is often driven by one particular emotion he wishes to depict, the one he will then turn into the leading character of his art piece. Representing feelings through images is what drives him to make art, and he wishes for the viewer to sense that mood and maybe find a bit of themselves in it. Giuseppe himself defined his process 70% mental and 30% digital, and we will heartily agree with this.

His other significant source of inspiration outside art is cooking. Is not unusual for a meticulous and creative person to be found in the kitchen as, likewise any form of art, cooking also needs a perfect balance of flavors and a harmonic eye to arrange the elements into a satisfying composition.

Giuseppe is currently thinking of moving to a city outside his native Naples, to broaden his horizons and deepen his working network, as his main objective is to bring art in people’s daily lives.

To know more about Giuseppe Perna 3D art please go here.


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