2 May 2022

by Carlo Tozzi

Vrije Vogels

st-Art is excited to present the exhibition “Vrije Vogels”, featuring the artworks of 2 extremely talented Dutch artists: Rafael Van Streepen and Corien Pompe.

Vrije Vogels, Dutch for Free Birds, represents the artistic personality and the talent of the above mentioned artists. Corien and Rafael are real free birds, free to express themselves in any possible way through their artworks. They have indulged themselves into creativity with no restrictions and especially with no constrain induced by other people opinion.

Focusing exquisitely on the act of painting, they have been able to set their subconscious so free to become the only drive in their art development. During my talks with the artists, I have noticed that both are keen to follow their inspiration with no filters and no predetermined structure.

Rafael explains how, not being obsessed by other people opinions and expectations, his art has matured exponentially and now really represents him completely . The result is an art full of energy and enjoyment with the use of oil painting in a variety of different ways and colors perfectly blended and adapted to the necessity of the artist.

Corien reframes her life every day, according to her state of mind towards the future and this is reflected entirely in her art. Her artworks are a concert of long linear brushstrokes and colorful undecipherable areas brought together by her creativity and her sixth sense.

The exhibition is a flawless depiction of abstract and biomorphic shapes. The unconventional use of brush strokes and amazing color nuances made me think of the 1948 Cobra, which was an artist group formed by artists whose painting style was highly expressionist and inspired by the art of children.

Carlo Tozzi, founder of st-Art


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