st-Art Workshops, Courses, and Project Building

Creating something with your own hand, eyes, touch, imagination, and style is unique. From a blank canvas, pencil sketch, the first dabs of paint, seeing it evolve, the mistakes, touch-ups, to the final piece.

No matter what level you are at, the creative process is incredible and especially valuable for many in these difficult times. Whether one-on-one or in a group, our online and live workshops bring creative moments to an art-loving world of all ages and levels.

Painting Course

st-art painting courses

Learn the basics and advanced skills of paintings with the help of ours experts.

Drawing Course

st-art drawing course

Learn the basics of drawing with the help of st-Art experts.

Project Building for Artist

Artist Internship

It’s not easy being an artist. Our workshops help further your talent and skills, and with our market expertise, we will also help package and promote your work.
Together we analyze your work and establish the style you’re looking to achieve.

Art events for Businesses

Business Art Workshop with the Soho House members

Looking for a fun and creative event for your corporate team? Look no further. We can get your team into a creative mindset which is beneficial for everyone’s mental health and overall happiness. Plus, everyone will walk away with their own beautiful artwork.