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Our workshops are available for artists, beginners and children all around the world.

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st-Art Workshops

Creating something with your own hand, your own eye, touch, imagination, style, is something very special. From blank canvas, pencil sketch, the first dabs of paint, seeing it evolve, the mistakes, touch-ups, to the final piece.

No matter what level you are, the creative process is an incredible one, and especially valuable for many in these difficult times. Our online and live workshops, whether one-on-one or in a group, bring creative moments to an art-loving world of all ages and levels.


Allowing children to explore and get creative improves the development of their motor skills, language, visual learning, decision-making and cultural awareness.

Plus it is a great way to boost your child’s levels of confidence and happiness.


Whether it’s boredom, your mental health, or just seeing some different faces, now’s the perfect time to take a few hours a week to explore your own creativity.


Experienced Artists

It’s not easy being an artist. Our workshops help further your talent and skills, and with our market expertise we will also help package and promote your work.

Together we analyze your work and establish the style you’re looking to achieve.


Looking for a fun and creative event for your corporate team? Look no further than a st-Art workshop. We can get your team into a creative mindset which is beneficial for everyone’s mental health and overall happiness!

Plus, everyone will be able to walk away with a beautiful artwork that they have made.

Workshops for Kids

Spark your child’s creativity

Allowing children to explore and get creative improves the development of their motor skills, language, visual learning, decision-making and cultural awareness.

Our kids workshops are curated by the biggest kid of all – Carlo, our founder. We teach the children the basics of drawing and painting, using subject matter that will inspire them and sustain their interest
To boost your child’s confidence and happiness, contact us.

Workshops for Beginners

Loads of interesting people, fun, laughter, lovely music. But most importantly, the guiding, inspiring hands of our st-Art expert curators.

For those of you who are interested in developing your art beyond the classes, the classes can serve as a way to continuously maintain your progress to a point that you may be eligible to be offered a paid st-Art internship in which we can develop your work to a standard that could be promoted, exhibited and sold.

How it works

The lessons will be taught by start curators, but every so often we will have some of our visiting st-Art artists to come and help, who you can learn different techniques from. We will talk of art and artists and apply it.

  • Drawing/sketching a subject with pencil and charcoal
  • Painting with Acrylic
  • Painting with Oil
  • How to compose Mosaics
  • Develop Abstract art from real subjects
  • Develop a Collage/Cut-out artwork
  • Painting with mixed media/ graffiti art
  • Painting from live subjects
  • Sculpturing/Ceramics
  • Let us know what is your preference.

contact us for more info.

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Workshops for Artists

Why be a struggling artist?

We want to offer all our artist the best start in the art industry. If you would like to advance and take your passion to a professional level with our coaching and mentoring, we can definitely help you if you are also serious about selling your artworks.

We can offer you some tools to help you develop your style and advance your painting techniques which is advisable if you want to continue with us.

How it works

We organize weekly online workshops, where we provide you all the support you need looking at your artworks, commenting them together and understanding from you the type of style you want to adopt in your production. We are excited to develop your talent and contribute to your growth.

In the time that we spend together we will:

  • Analyze and comment together your artworks
  • Understand what kind of style you want to adopt and the result you want to obtain
  • Start working on a new subject you can propose or we can assign (from abstract to figurative)
  • Develop new techniques (medias for oil and acrylic, mosaic on canvas, 3D acrylic, drafting, Develop Abstract art from real subjects)
  • Discussing about great modern and contemporary artists. We believe that knowledge will give you more freedom of choice.
  • Develop a project together

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Workshops for Businesses

A Creative Spin on Team Building

Did you know that channelling creativity helps people become better problem-solvers while improving their sense of self-expression. Not to mention, creative activities are huge stress relievers. If you are looking for a fun and worthwhile activity for your business team, look no further than a st-Art creative workshop.

What’s included?

The lesson will be taught by our st-Art curators, but we may have one of our artists stop by for good measure. We will discuss various art styles and teach you how to apply them to your work. The creative output from this session could be anything from a mosaic to an oil painting.

To harness your team’s creativity, get in touch with us.

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Cost for Live Workshops
45 euros per workshop

Cost for Online Workshops
35 euros per workshop

st-Art Atelier, Amsterdam

The Living and Breathing Home of st-Art

Our Amsterdam Atelier is the living, breathing home of St-Art, where every week artists of all levels come to develop their creativity and explore new styles and processes, under the watchful eye of our experts.

Located in a traditional town house in the heart of the Jordaan, Amsterdam, you can’t help but feel inspired by the charm and character of this wonderful split-level space.

Are you interested?

Get in touch: one of our curators will get in touch with you with more information.