Db Waterman


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85cm x 130cm




Without Frame


Mixed Media and Collage on canvas


"LOVELY DAY" is a mixed media street art pop art painting that encapsulates the spirit of joy, creativity and urban renewal. This work combines elements of black and white with an explosion of color to convey a powerful message of positivity and transformation. At the center of this artwork is a striking image in the spotlight. It is a young girl, portrayed in minute black-and-white detail, in front of a drab and lifeless city wall. Depicted as a symbol of youthful optimism and creative potential, this young artist stands in stark contrast to the bleak surroundings. In her hands, she holds a spray can of paint with which she sprays a vibrant spectrum of color across the monochrome background. The heart motif represents love, unity and hope, reminding passers-by of the power of love to brighten even the bleakest of days. "LOVELY DAY" is more than a painting; it is a testament to art's ability to inspire, uplift and create positive change in our urban environment. The mural exudes positivity and encourages us to find beauty and joy even in the most unexpected places.