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Noah Latif Lamp through time

Today there is such a variety of different artists in the visual art scenery, so many diverse personalities with their own complexity, all bringing different attributes and expression to the art world. The ones I love the most are those who above all designate knowledge and experimentation as the main guideline for their artistic development. […]


Shahina Jaffer Interview

Shahina Jaffer is not only a fine and developed artist, but an intellectual and active person towards the social and cultural scene. She considers art sort of a universal language and she has the courage and audacity to transfer that in her style. The result is  an extremely pathological and emotional style, abstract and subjective, […]


The art with no barriers and no conditions of Luna de Jesus Licea

‘Luna de Jesus Licea is not only an extremely talented artist, but a very interesting and articulated personality. He reminds me so much of the artists from the 80s and their approach to art with no barriers and no conditions. Luna considers art his safe place from reality and his possibility to express himself in […]


Expressionist Portraits by Kieran Smith

Kieran Smith is a peculiar and talented artist. He is able to mold and manipulate extremely complicated types of materials and obtain impressive results. Industrial glues, adhesives for tiles and sand are such difficult media to adopt for art. But Kieran has taken the challenge to make this materials live and flexible to his purpose to […]


The Switching and Scraping Techniques
by Iacopo Maria Fiorani

Iacopo Maria Fiorani (b.1975) is an Italian artist currently living in Rome. He loves the sea, has a passion for fishing and lived a few years in Greece (Athens, 2003-2005), a country which he considers to be one of the places he might one day call home.


The Inquiring Canvases of Sarah Bozzaotra

Sarah Bozzaotra is a young Italian woman born and raised in Naples, Italy, and she will immediately confirm the controversial identity of her city. Naples’s suffering soul is opposite to the exuberant artistic aesthetic and lifestyle, and the nearby Vesuvio gives the final hint of this disruptive frame to all its inhabitants.


The Infinite Skies Above
of Naima Karim

Naima Karim was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 1976. She grew up in a creative environment, as her father, a doctor, and teacher in med school would create homemade furniture during the weekends while her mother would sew and embroid or make dolls.


Antonella Trapasso:
Thula’s Artistic Path

Thula, or Antonella Maria Trapasso (b.1965), originally from Rome, is an artist that today lives and works in Milan. Her path has always been based upon research and discovery, as Antonella was doing something else in her first working career before finding out she was an artist.


The Intimate 3D Art of Giuseppe Perna

Giuseppe Perna was born and raised in Naples (b.1987), although for as long as he can remember he also spent part of the year in Greece, which he considers to be his second home.


The Revived Ceramics
of Salvino Arturo Pozzi

Born in Naples in 1974, Salvino Arturo Pozzi got his name from his grandfather and gained a passion for Architecture initially from his uncle, which taught him most of his artistic skills.


Doron Beuns Deal Between Selfhood and Otherness

Doron Beuns was born in Tiel, a small town in the middle of the Netherlands, but moved to Amsterdam by the age of 18 to study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.


A New Alphabet by Benedetta Delcoco

Benedetta Delcoco is a young Italian painter (b. 1994) from Lecce, a city in southern Italy where she still lives and works. Since her childhood, Benedetta has always been attracted to drawings and creativity, and her parents were intuitive enough to recognize her talent so to make her attend an artistic high school.

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