20 January 2023

by st-Art

Eliza De Geus | The Quest of Being Through Art and Philosophy

About Eliza De Geus an Emerging Artist

Eliza De Geus was born in Jarocin in Poland in 1989.

Raised in the Netherlands and still based in Amsterdam, Eliza has an enduring passion that internally moves her to look for concepts and inspirations that will help her understand the deeper dynamics of existence and eventually offer profound messages to the external world.

Eliza de Gues, emerging artist working with Carlo Tozzi at st-art Amsterdam

Creative Research

Eliza graduated in Tax Law, but at the same time, she was always drawn toward creative outlets. After her law dissertation, while Eliza worked as an accounting firm intern, she also attended acting classes. She received a scholarship for a one-year college in acting in New York and decided to take this chance to develop herself creatively, which was life-changing. The time spent in New York implied creativity as the key to finding herself. She felt a revived passion when she returned to Amsterdam. Her path naturally led her to start making art as a self-taught, an urge she did not examine and instead found herself immersed in it.

As she was looking for a space to explore and sharpen her creative skills, Eliza finally ended up in st-Art Amsterdam.

St-Art Amsterdam and The Philosopher’s series

It’s already been more than two years since Eliza met st-Art and its founder, Carlo Tozzi. She could explore abstract art basics with him and create a few bodies of work, one of the most prominent being The Philosopher’s series – currently exhibited in st-Art’s atelier in Amsterdam.

The series consists of three abstract paintings utilizing oil paint, each focusing on one of the most significant ancient philosophical concepts.


The first painting’s title relates to Socrates γνῶθι σεαυτόν, or Know Yourself. It refers to the importance of always reflecting on oneself to understand yourself and live a more fulfilled life. The blue color relates to knowledge and wisdom, while the cut-outs and contrasting colors indicate the complications involved in the research.


The second painting is called Supernatural, after Plato’s philosophical research between the world of ideas and the world of the tangible (or forms). This painting is to Eliza linked to the strength of a soul that prevails over the physical world.

The second paiting consept of Emerging Artist Eliza de Gues

The third painting takes after Horathius’ Carpe Diem, which means “to catch the moment” or live the present in its most mindful possible way.


Eliza shows a yellow central round shape in the middle of the canvas, contrasting with a full gray background. The choice of these two colors indicates how the boldness of the present may be joyful, thankful, and potent – therefore, the yellow round and bold shape. Opposite to the gray background that surrounds us in our everyday life, made of worries, fears, and expectations, it is a message to encourage people towards our most vital and natural presence.

To view all her works, visit her website here or follow Eliza de Geus on Instagram


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