Artistic path of Victor Bayonas: Between Bodies and Fate

Victor Bayonas was born in 1999 in Lorca (Murcia). His artistic talent started rising through the study of violin and music at the age of seven.

Art Lifestyle

The Basics of Watercolor Painting You Should Know

Watercolor is one of the oldest forms of painting methods, used for centuries and many cultures around the world.


The Inquiring Canvases of Sarah Bozzaotra

Sarah Bozzaotra is a young Italian woman born and raised in Naples, Italy, and she will immediately confirm the controversial identity of her city. Naples’s suffering soul is opposite to the exuberant artistic aesthetic and lifestyle, and the nearby Vesuvio gives the final hint of this disruptive frame to all its inhabitants.


The Compelling Duality
of Giulia D’Anna Lupo

Giulia D’Anna Lupo (b. 1974) is an established illustration artist, creative director, and art educator. Originally from Naples, Giulia currently lives and works in Paris.


Nooshin Zokaie:
The Enchanting Blue

Born and raised in Tehran (b.1978), Nooshin Zokaie currently lives and works in Milan where she finally fulfilled her artistic career.