3D Digital Art COURSE

Create your Digital artwork, print it in 2D, generate a 3D statue, or produce your first digital NFT in our new Digital Art Course.

If you are interested in broadening your art horizon in 3D design and 2D and 3D printing or are a traditional artist that would like to try a step in the digital art world, this course is for any level.

Learn how to sculpt and create your own Digital Statue during our 3D Digital art course.

From beginner to advanced, Yassine Oumghar, from our St-Art team and expert in 3D artworks, will teach you all the skills to create 3D sculptures on your computer or tablet.

In a relaxed setting, Yassine will help you get the software, explain the steps, help you print your piece in 2D or 3D, or create your first digital NFT.

Go from 0 to your 3D creation with the Basic package, or learn how to make a Finished piece ready to sell & create visuals for DJs. During the course, you will get personal coaching & plenty of time to ask all your questions.

What will you need for this 3D Digital Art Course?

  • Laptop /or tablet (we do recommend a drawing pen when using a tablet)
  • An open mind

About Yassine Oumghar

YASSA is a visual designer with over 8 years of experience in digital art. He has created 2D/3D visual art and animation for several names in the Dutch music industry. He has also done work for some international names from the Hip/Hop scene, such as Trippie red, Rarri,6ix9ine, and Meek Mill.


You can view some of his works in our Gallery at Kinkerstraat, his profile, or his website.

Choose your Digital Art Course.

Lessons are on Friday, starting at 17:30.

Need personalized assistance or a package tailored to your need?


Lessons are on Friday, starting at 17:30.


How many sessions per week?

On our schedule, we have one session per week. In case you want more sessions, we can discuss and schedule them after you purchase your course.

If I lose a session, how can I recuperate?

If you miss a session and let us know 24 hours beforehand, you can schedule with Yassine Oumghar missed session on either the next date available for the course or an extra session once all the courses are finished. 

Can I change and replace the date of my 3D Digital Art Course sessions which I have already bought?

Depending on the available dates, you can change the session date. It must be at least one day before the session. 

How many 3D Digital Art Course sessions do you recommend for beginners?

The basics course will give you a solid start. You will understand how to navigate the software and can start exploring. But if you intend to be able to know how to create all of your complex ideas, we recommend 10 classes. 

What materials do you need for the course?

Computer + charger OR tablet with charger + we recommend bringing your drawing pen

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