st-Art live Painting Course in Amsterdam

An st-Art painting course in Amsterdam to learn new skills on Oil Paintings and Acrylic Paintings. Express your creativity through painting with st-Art. Join our art community, where experts will help you grow.

Lessons are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, starting at 17:30. So you can start on either one of these days.

 Artists at st-Art Amsterdam:

Giulia D’Anna Lupo

Giulia danna lupo

Author and illustrator

Tendai Makufa, st-art amsterdam artist
Laura-Isaza start amsterdam artist

Camilla Severgnin

Drawing & Painting

The Experience of Eliza de Geus

The Experience of Krisztina Czika

painting course in amsterdam by st-art

Gain new paintings skills in a fun way with st-Art live painting course in Amsterdam

Gain new paintings skills with ease and guidance. Have fun while you explore and express your creativity in our live painting course in Amsterdam.

Go from 0 to master the basics of paintings in 6 sessions with the help of st-Art experts. 

drawing workshop at start amsterdam assisted by experts

Get the step-by-step guidance you need in the st-Art live painting course

You’ll get guidance and lessons from a st-Art expert, and occasionally one of our artists will join us.

During the live painting course in Amsterdam, you will:

  1. Draw/sketch a subject with pencil and charcoal
  2. Paint with Acrylic
  3. Paint with Oil
  4. Learn how to compose Mosaics
  5. Learn to develop abstract art from real subjects
  6. Learn to create a Collage/Cut-out artwork
  7. Paint with mixed media/ graffiti art
  8. Paint from live subjects Sculpturing/Ceramics

You can always let us know what your preference is.

Lisa de Hoogh-Exploding Water

Choose your live painting course in Amsterdam sessions

Lessons are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, starting at 17:30. So you can start on either one of these days.

Need personalized assistance or a package tailored to your need?


Lessons are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, starting at 17:30. So you can start on either one of these days.


How many live painting course sessions per week?

On our schedule, we have 1 painting session per week. In case you want more painting sessions, we can discuss and schedule them after you purchase your course.

If I lose a live painting session, how can I recuperate?

If you miss any painting session, you can check the next date available for that course.

Can I change and replace the date of my painting sessions which I have already bought?

Depending on the dates available, you can change the date of a painting session. It must be at least one day before the session. 

How many painting sessions do you recommend for beginners?

We recommend between 6 and 10 painting sessions for a solid basic.

If I buy 6-10-15 classes, do I have to do only what's on the website for the classes, or can I change from paintings to try drawings?

You are free to switch and try drawing if you want. This is just a structure for use. We are here to guide you and give you a pleasant experience. 

Live painting course mentors

Nooshin Zokaie

Nooshin Zokaie

Area Curator and Mentor

I am an artist currently living and working in Milan where I finally fulfilled my artistic career. Five years ago I enrolled in a Ba Hons in Painting at the Brera Academy in Milan, which ended in 2018. In my studies in Milan, I have been strongly supported by my teachers to explore my artistic talent, and today, I am busy researching and studying new techniques to improve my art.

Carlo Tozzi

Carlo Tozzi

Founder, Art Director and Mentor

I am Italian living in Amsterdam. I have more than 20 year experience in the art world first as an artist, with exhibition in Madrid, London, Amsterdam and Den Haag, and then as a curator. The curator activities have intensified itself with the creation, 6 years ago of international workshops, lectures and art events. In January 2019 I have taken the decision to create st-Art in order to develop even more my passion in mentor shipping and curating young and contemporary artists.

Karis Evans

Karis Evans

Area Curator and Mentor

I am from S.Wales and moved to Amsterdam for the love of Art, I specialize in Oil paints but love to do illustrations. I have a strong passion as well for classical and renaissance art, on which I base my own style.

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Gain new paintings skills in 6 sessions.