st-Art Ceramic Workshop in Amsterdam

A st-Art Ceramic Workshop in Amsterdam to learn new skills in working with ceramics. Express your creativity through sculpting with st-Art. Join our art community, where our experts will help you grow.

Lessons are on Monday, starting at 17:30. You can begin your lesson the Monday after signing up. 

Our lessons are tailored to you. If you miss a class, you won’t lose the train.

Your ceramic workshop mentor:

st-Art mentor Jagoda Dmochowska

Jagoda Dmochowska

Ceramic/Sculpture Mentor

She is a Polish artist based in Amsterdam with 15 years of experience in art. She has a small pottery studio in a joint workshop, where She creates ceramics and help organize exhibitions. Next to her artistic practice, she works with adults and children as an art teacher. She loves sharing knowledge and skills.

The Experience of Eliza de Geus

The Experience of Krisztina Czika

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Gain various hand-building skills and explore different materials with st-Art Ceramic Workshop in Amsterdam

Gain new Ceramics skills with ease and guidance. Have fun while you explore and express your creativity in our Ceramic Workshop in Amsterdam.

Go from 0 to master the basics of Ceramics in 6 sessions with the help of st-Art experts.

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Get the step-by-step guidance you need in the st-Art Ceramic Workshop

It is not surprising that ceramic workshops are so popular!
Working with clay allows one’s mind to slow down and take a much-needed break from the fast-paced world. It requires calmness and focus, which can be a very mindful experience. Whether your ambitions are to become a skilled sculptor/sculptress, create a personalized fruit bowl for your home, or enjoy getting your hands dirty, these classes will allow you to rewind and learn the basics of hand-building with clay, leaving you with a ceramic object to keep and cherish!

The amount of people per class varies from 4-10. In our studio, we have all the needed materials available.

During the Ceramic Workshop in Amsterdam, you will…

We dedicate the first class to:

  • Concepting and sketching an appropriate subject
  • Getting yourself familiar with materials and tools

Regarding basic ceramic and pottery:

  • Concepting and sketching your ideas
  • General clay and other materials characteristics
  • Preparing the clay for sculpting
  • Learning the three basic hand-building techniques:
    • Pinching Pottery
    • Coil Building
    • Slab building
    • Decorating techniques using different colored clay
    • How to complete your work

Regarding glazing ceramic and pottery:

  • Includes everything in basic packages
  • Introducing glazing techniques and tools to decorate your pieces
  • Decorating your ceramics with glaze
  • Painting ceramic tiles with glaze
  • How to complete your work

Drying and firing the glazed ceramics requires additional time. Therefore, this package is a minimum of 10 lessons.

Regarding Project building sculpturing:

  • We offer other techniques/styles to learn. Please let us know if you want to learn any of these options.
  • Learn how to compose ceramic Mosaics on tiles
  • Sculpting more complex subjects (portraits, still lives)
  • Sculpting from live subjects

Choose your Ceramics Workshop in Amsterdam

Lessons are on Monday, starting at 17:30. You can begin your lesson the Monday after signing up. 

Our lessons are tailored to you. If you miss a class, you won’t lose the train.

Need personalized assistance or a package tailored to your need?


Lessons are on Monday, starting at 17:30. 


How many ceramic workshop sessions per week?

There is currently one sculpture/ceramics session weekly.

If I miss a ceramic workshop session, how can I recuperate?

If you miss any ceramics session, check the next date available for that course.

Can I change and replace the date of my ceramic sessions, which I have already bought?

You can change the ceramic session date depending on the available dates. It must be at least one day before the session.

How many ceramic sessions do you recommend for beginners?

We recommend between 6 and 10 painting sessions for a solid basic.

If I buy 6-10-15 sessions, do I have to do what's on the website for the sessions, or can I change it from ceramic to pottery?

You are free to switch and try if you want. What is on the website is just a structure for use. We are here to guide you and give you a pleasant experience.

Who fires the ceramics? How long does it take for my work to be ready?

The st-Art team will fire the ceramics for you. The process of drying and firing the ceramics can take from 1.5 days – 2 weeks.

 Artists at st-Art Amsterdam:

Giulia D’Anna Lupo

Alessandro Costagliola

Mixed Media sculpture


startamsterdam artist Anna Lambert

Anna Lambert

Ceramics Animals

staramsterdam Irina Moiseyeva

Irina Moiseyeva


Start your live Ceramics Workshop in Amsterdam today!

Gain your basic ceramic skills in 6 sessions.