Beáta Kovács


I’m a Hungarian visual artist from Subotica Serbia, currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My practice is composed of pencil drawing and photography through the method of surrealist-self portraiture. I use myself as a model to evoke emotions, seeking to highlight different characters by applying my own body as a vehicle of expression.
My love for drawing developed at a very young age and from the beginning I was fascinated by hyperrealism. I’ve chosen pencil as my method because of excitability and over time it had a sense of familiarity but also I found something that excites me and I can sink my energy into it. I love how observing a hyperrealistic pencil drawing can feel more real than reality and that evokes a surrealistic feeling. Seeing something executed perfectly and the amount of time that has gone into the work which couldn’t exist without that dedication and time.
Only in recent time that I started to explore the field of photography. Throughout this time I developed a mutual dedication to both practices.
In both of my chosen mediums I include nature. I’m working with references which I take with a camera using a self timer. I like the use of light and deep shadows to add a sense of dream-like environment and emotional depth to my work. My inspiration comes from Surrealism and the Art Nouveau movement.

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