Daniella Bronzi


Daniella Bronzi always searching for subjects animals people and nature working with abstract elements expressive. For me painting is about making energy visible and to keep growing and experimenting with color and not too many restrictions. At the moment I’m at the 5th year of the academy in Belgium Arendonk. My work with children gives me inspiration.

My life has been about dancing for I did the dance academy of Rotterdam and Tilburg it was always about staying creative and composition as feeling the freedom of creativity. When I was living in Australia for a few years in my younger years I started to draw a lot and loved playing with art painting creating. Back in the Netherlands I restarted at the dance academy and was educated for dance and dance teacher, so I was a dancer for a while as dance teacher. In 2004-2007 I started at the art academy in Belgium Arendonk for 3 years doing painting, after this I had some turbulent years and started painting again in 2015. In 2019 I started back at the academy Arendonk Belgium, working at my studio at home.

At the moment my life is about working with children where I gain much inspiration since we are always creative, I am as well active with my art in all the free time. I live as a painter since it is my passion and because of my love for art.