Ladan Tofighi


Ladan Tofighi was born and raised in Tehran, Iran.
In 2006 graduated in Graphic Design from Art and Architecture University. In her country, she worked for several years as a graphic designer and figurative painter, until 2012 when she decided to move to Italy.
She left Tehran to express herself freely through her paintings and stories.
In Italy, she studied painting at Brera academy and illustration at IED Milano. Besides studying, continued her artistic career and maturation in figurative art and illustration, finding her own style in an artistic and personal rebirth.
As a freelance, beside taking part in collective exhibitions she has worked for various organizations, small businesses, individuals, she is also a live painter for events and locals.

Iran stories / Hidden identity
My latest project:
“Iran stories” is a collection of watercolor and ink paintings on paper, which tells my roots, based on my observations and experiences from Iran, recalls scenes of everyday life in Tehran where I was born and raised.
As an Iranian girl, being yourself is so complicated, it could be a big challenge of your life and could cost you your whole life.
Your clothes are complied with government rules, as a girl your hair is covered and you notice soon that your imagination is no longer safe, your body becomes a stranger to you and automatically you forget loving yourself.
You will be disturbed in other choices of your life, you lose your identity, your favorite job, your future and your dream.
You always get mentioned by discriminations and the families can not support you enough, because they’ve also been affected by these limits for several years.
I’ve passed these days in Iran and after all, I decided to leave my country.
The day that I moved to Italy, I was full of words and designs. At first, I didn’t have the courage to show or tell them to others but I came over slowly my fears and insecurity, knowing myself and enjoying my body and thoughts. Now I look at these illustrations as a serious artistic project and I want to share them with others.