Yica Djuric


Yica Djuric was born in the former Yugoslavia where she studied at the University of the Arts.
After finishing her studies, she lived in Italy where she first started to experiment with the art of the moment and reflections of color and light. In Italy she fully experienced European culture and studied the most important Italian painters.
In search of new inspirations through other cultures, Yica then moved to Japan where she studied the language, calligraphy and oriental art. Yica now resides in Valencia, Spain backed by her great international experience, many awards and accolades as an acclaimed modern artist.
The Atwork.
Yica Djuric’s work is characterized by its strength, technique, color and the thematic diversity that exists in the work.
Thanks to her great ability with the stroke and the constant search for the balance between expressive strength and simplicity, she has managed to create an unmistakable and unique style.
Another characteristic of her artwork is the absence of the titles in all her work which leaves total freedom to the spectator’s interpretation. Barrier-free.

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