Observer 3

Katerina Borodavchenko


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20cm x 20cm




oil on plywood, acrylic, canvas


It is proposed to reflect on the topic: "The All-Seeing Eye" - the embodiment of everything that does not allow us to live in peace, excites and even torments us. What is it? Media influences? Psychological complexes? That which seems to pursue unceasingly is a conscience that does not give rest for any action; fear of the security services controlling all our actions; or it may feel that someone (close or not) knows your secret. Realistically made eyes are like some wordless observers. They just look. And almost do not express emotions, because they should not give an assessment of what they saw, their purpose is only to observe. Man himself determines the assessment of his behavior, the assessment of himself. But at the same time he knows about the invisible spy who sees everything as real.