Portrait of A.P.

Kieran Smith


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80cm x 100cm


Acrylic on canvas


Tile adhesive, sand & acrylic on canvas. The painting process is very important. The final work is the end result of numerous challenges and creative practical decisions that repeat themselves - shaping the subject within the edges of the canvas, finding balance, assessing and re-assessing, working with difficult materials, unwieldy tools, and eventually: deciding when it's finished. This is a portrait of a friend using sand, tile adhesive (industrial glue) and acrylic on canvas. The way that the materials spread unevenly and become very hard after drying affects how new layers are applied on top. Different sections of the painting build-up which creates an undulating and tactile surface. In this Portrait of A.P. the materials somehow assume volume and texture to become her "skin". [The work is unframed].
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