9 August 2019

by st-Art

A New Alphabet by Benedetta Delcoco

This article was originally published on Hue & Eye.

Benedetta Delcoco is a young Italian painter (b. 1994) from Lecce, a city in southern Italy where she still lives and works. Since her childhood, Benedetta has always been attracted to drawings and creativity, and her parents were intuitive enough to recognize her talent so to make her attend an artistic high school. Her studies went further with a diploma at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. This current year she will then complete her postgraduate studies with a specialization in Painting, at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Lecce.

About Her Work

Having grown up in Italy, Benedetta Delcoco initially received a classical approach to the arts. Her hand is indeed good at figurative, although throughout the years she felt the urge to explore further methods, as she didn’t feel satisfied with the only illustrative approach to the arts. Her work is today better recognizable as abstract, a technique she undertook to deepen her relationship with art.

Benedetta was driven, during her academic years, to analyze her surroundings, explore new methods, and approach different perceptions. Her Professor Marconeri at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Lecce, helped her to explain all this, and she still considers him a great source of inspiration. As a result of her studies, it occurs that her main artworks are focused on researching a language to communicate an evocative message.

A few years ago, she completed a series of abstract works defined by herself as lyrical and an attempt to express the intimate desire of liberation. She aimed at showing in her canvas the intention of unbinding the physical and evident forms, to then revive them through colors and new shapes. By looking at her works then, the viewers would feel pushed to explore new dimensions.

Benedetta’s Latest Works

Inspired by modern artists, such as Carla Accardi and Keith Haring, as well as the German expressionists and the American abstract painters, Benedetta Delcoco is in an endless search of different processes to satisfy her thirst of communicating through art.

Her latest works are for this an effort to send a direct message through a peculiar sign. In the series ABC (2019) she relates to each letter type of the alphabet a stroke she created to define a unique and unconventional coding.

By doing this, Benedetta aims to confirm how art is a tool to communicate emotions valid as much as our conventional language. As Benedetta wants to leave space for the viewer to interpret its feelings, she won’t pinpoint what each move means precisely to her. Everybody, she believes, finds its peace through art, free to express their personal desires.

As her young age suggests, she will continue to explore non stop where her talent might bring her, so let’s keep an eye on her!


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