Adriano Piu


Adriano Piu was born in Cervignano del Friuli in 1954, he currently lives and works in the Borgo Antico of Chiarmacis, municipality of Rivignano-Teor (Udine) Friuli, Italy.
From his youth he devoted himself to painting, starting in the 70s with his first private exhibitions and refining its own expressiveness. In the 80s he participates in public exhibitions and showcases in galleries across Italy.
In the nineties, his paintings focus on forms, signs and materials; he also starts to experience sculpture as a different way to express his intense passion for shaping metallic materials (iron, corten, aluminum, bronze, steel and wood). His first sculptures evolve through continuous experimentation that leads him to focus on stainless steel sculptures.
The last period of artistic activity is influenced by an intense and sometimes suffered inner journey that is represented in his most current artworks.

The last big breakthrough in 2015 is the INTERLOCUTORY MOVEMENT
In 2017 he is invited to exhibit at the KUNSTHALLE MESSMER, at the show “Licht & Bewegung” with Victor Vasarèly, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Regine Schumann, Kammerer Luka, Hans Kotter, Siegfried Kreitner, Ludwig Wilding, and works of own collection of the Museum, he follows his own personal inside the Museum itself.
More in 2017 – 18, he develops a new cycle of works of art, “Semiology”, which runs parallel with the mobile works.
In January 2018 the Vladkgalley gallery in Gent, (Belgium), organized an anthological exhibition.

Collection for Verwaltungs-und Privat-Bank,Ag in Vaduz – Liechtenstein
Modern Art Gallery Miniatuur Museum, Amsterdam – Nederland
Musum Palace Chianini Vincenzi, Arezzo – Italy
Museun Italiani a Durazzo, Durazzo – Albania
Museum Im Kunsthaus, Ggrenchen – Switzerland
Foundation Museum Contemporary Art, Milena Milani in Memory of Carlo Cardazzo, Savona – Italy
Kunsthalle Messmer, Riegel – Germany