Elmer Kouwenberg


My name is Elmer and I was born with a pencil in my hand. Growing up I had the luck of having a creative mother who made sour everything to be creative, was there. A heavy car accident occurred when I was almost 24 years old. It changed everything. I got completely paralyzed except for my left biceps. Tough times as you can imagine. The computer was the solution for me. With only my left-biceps working and with a brace to keep my wrist straight I taught myself to make art using a trackball mouse. Also working left-handed was completely new for me. Over the years I improved immensely. My first work was cartoonish but funny but over the years it matured to quite appreciated art. This I know because every other week I sell my art on the Spui Art Market. My work is contemporary mixed with pop art elements, street art and psychedelic futures. Size is no issue for me. I make art works up to 2 meters.