Sticky Fingers

Elmer Kouwenberg


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80cm x 80cm




Behind the plexiglass plate there is a aluminium frame to hang up the artwork


created using a trackball mouse and a red laser device controled by head movements


Sticky Fingers is one artwork out of a series of works which originates from a basic picture of candy cane. This picture is one of a series of different colored candy canes I made as a start of this project. After digitizing the picture I started to adapt the image on my computer. Features that are most apparent are different layers, with often a look through that gives you a peek at lower level layers. Another feature is the lightfall and shadow parts on the artwork. And then there are of course the colors. I always look for very strong color combinations. In this particular case I used red, light blue and pink which gives the artwork a very sweet look. Colors are often gradient to achieve a 3d look. Tiny touches of white gives it a that shiny candy look. The finishing touch is the plexiglass on top of the artwork which gives the work depth and make the colors come out magnifique.