Alberto Ballocca


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30cm x 40cm




The artwork comes with an ayous wood frame - 44 x 34 x 4 cm


Mixedmedia, Pencils drawing, Manual Collage, Photography, Digital Collage and rendering., Print on Tintoretto Archival paper 300gr


I mirrored myself within a natural spot, natural patterns, and I found what I can call my inner-self, a sense of self. Within every organ that composes my body, my physiology. Aristotles invented word physiologists to identify people that used to contemplate Nature to do politics in the ancient Athens city, and through the relation nature, body, soul, natural ecosystem has been initially called physis. ( 'fysi / physis / fysis' ) Organic body and our way of act as the first sign of soul existence. Vision of Nature brings me to the body awareness, soul and body are the same dimension, and are not disconnected as every organ allows me to breath; the natural design is awake within myself, and there is no reason to discuss it in terms of questionability or religious beliefs.
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