Alberto Ballocca


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30cm x 40cm


Mixed media archival glichee on Hahnemuhle Tintoretto fine art paper, Mixedmedia, Pencils drawing, Manual Collage, Photography, Digital Collage and rendering


Within nature, a leaf can be an idea, a forest the entire lifetime, so 'be.leaf' is the lifetime idea and Apollo the irrational logic that destroys fears. This concept of the structure of word 'beleaf' in total assonance with word 'belief' brings us to this last work that is inspired by the language evolution within the Egyptian culture. The ancient hieroglyphs are placed alongside the background of Nature, because their mechanism are the reflection of those of the natural environment and the ancient Egyptians perceived and reproduced them from the divine perception to worldly life Hieroglyps functioned similarly to that example I provided with word beleaf. Two mental objects that mix togheter aimed to generate a new one in order to speak something else.
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