Female Desires

Elena Bandurka


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220cm x 220cm




Installation: Textile, Fabric, Plastic, New Media, Fiber on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Other, Carbon Fibre, Plastic. This work, Female Desires 2019 denotes the ease of our desires, that, for all the importance and significance of gender equality and self-respect, I want to stay and feel "weak" alongside the "strong" half of humanity. I would like and like to wear high heels and dresses, and we are even delighted, sometimes you want to pretend to be naive and so light and sexy. And this is also the personification of coquetry and sexuality, equality,  let it be in the documents and other essential areas of life, and the soul flirtation and lightness will always be. Showed on "34 installations" 2019 Kharkiv.