Untitled H11

Massimo Arrighi


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100cm x 100cm




Without Frame


Graphite on canvas


Using painting as a language and a tool for communication and representation, I could not ignore the importance of using the colors. However my interest is also the material in which it is composed, a painting that seeks its own meanings even in material and monochrome with natural pigments. The technical and conceptual basis of my painting is made up of eight colors: white, black, blue, red and yellow as the fundamentals, with which could obtain infinite tonal derivations, which I use the original while maintain the potential pairing option but unexpressed. Same principle for the choice of materials such as graphite, gold and silver which, although they have no chromatic relationship with the colors previously mentioned, they are used with the same criterion of original purity. Of course, my approach to painting is not naturalistic, but rather a geological investigation of materials, I mean, because of the choice of materials and the structure of the work, a morphological stratification is completely evident, may be not very clear but objectively detectable. So not a work of quotation, but an essence of color and structure that does not have undergone the action of time, although aware of bringing an inevitable series of historical, scientific and aesthetic suggestions within the minimal structure of the work. Even the materials such as silver and gold, which are known for their use and assumption, in my work have their claim to assume values ​​of absolute origin contemplating aspects of it that by contrast, as happens in the works which are in duotone, reinforce the dimensions of golden light combined with deep black and livid silver brightness with the unstable darkness of blue. The possible combinations, using the eight colors mentioned initially, they have the affirmation of light and shadow intrinsic to the color and material in their matching, as a molecular composition of mystical transcendence. *From the book " I colori di Massimo Arrighi" written and curated by Gérard-Georges Lemaire.
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